Media working overtime to protect Biden from ‘Let’s Go Brandon’: Sean Duffy

Sean Duffy says the media and President Biden cannot escape “Let’s Go Brandon” on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday. The chants have become a euphemism to express a high level of disdain with President Biden’s performance during his first year. Most recently, an Oregon father Jared Schmeck said the phrase directly to Biden during a call open to the public on Christmas Eve. Schmeck was then met with swift backlash from legacy media. 

No matter how silly or serious you think the phrase is, it has now hit embarrassing new heights for Joe Biden thanks to a man named Jared Schmeck. Even on Christmas Eve while he was taking calls from the public and tracking Santa Claus, Joe Biden couldn’t escape “Let’s Go Brandon.”

That clip is now a viral sensation. So naturally, Biden’s allies in the media have swooped into his defense. It doesn’t matter that Jared Schmeck claims he said “Let’s Go Brandon” in jest. Blue checked journalists were outraged. NBC News was traumatized by the call and ran a headline calling the phrase a quote “right-wing slur.” ABC News called it a quote “verbal insult.” Congressman Eric Swalwell of all people–who has repeatedly slept with a Chinese spy–had the audacity to accuse Schmeck of humiliating his family and of being quote, “indecent.”